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Code of Conduct:


  1. Don't be a jerk

You are expected to treat both cybres and non-cybres with respect. Harrassment and slander is not tolerated, and exhibiting such behavior can expect reactionary silencing or suspension. Any cases of the following will be silenced and/or resulting in suspension:

  • Unapproved bots
  • Excessive Advertising
  • Untagged gore or pornography
  • Discrimination against peoplegroups (minorities or no)
  • Any means to stalk, harrass, slander, oppress, or intimidate other cybres or non-cybres, including:
    • Continuing engagement with a cybre or non-cybre that has explicitly requested to cease-and-desist respective engagement.
    • Any means of releasing or disseminating a cybre's or non-cybre's private data without express permission.
    • Impressing other cybres or non-cybres to engage in any such harassment or circumventing requests to cease-and-desist in proxy.
  • Hate topics including advocation of racism, sexism, xenophobia, or nationalism
  • Inciting content related to any of the above points

The Code of Conduct is not a legal document and is subject to the interpretation of the site administrator and instance moderators. On behalf of the federation, all such terms are entirely intended to be fulfilled. See the Mastodon.Social Code of Conduct, which has served as a basis for this Code of Conduct.

Privacy Policy

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Cybr.es Moderation

We federate with awoo.space!

Instance blocking will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Due to instances typically containing like-minded non-cybres, blocking instances is not out of the question. A list of blocked instances is available upon request.

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