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Why my moods always like "let's listen to progressive metal and read gay romance novels"

Before you listen to any Kero Kero Bonito song you have to listen to the Bonito Jingle. It's just the law

Mozilla calls Medium a friend in their anti-establishment [1], and I’m reminded how Medium’s first party tracking is extremely user hostile [2].

“If you have uBlock or similar, it appears medium logs all analytics pings into HTML5 LocalStorage and will keep retrying to send them (and apparently periodically change domains and subdomains to try and send them). I had tens of thousands of entries in localStorage.”




Quarantine concerts 

Just finding Kero Kero Bonito and I'm sad I didn't find them sooner. This is PRECIOUS

I really can't tell if "KNOWER RULEZ" was meant to sound as much like "NO MORE RULES" as it does

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Knower's album LIFE is the single greatest piece of anarchist propaganda ever

"Geek culture isn’t suddenly left wing... it always was. You just grew up to be intolerant. You became the villain in the stories you used to love ..."


Leave it to Astralis to speedrun a bo5 grand final

name a better duo 

this and that

Software upgrade -- 

This seems especially apparent when trying to fix these dependency issues without uninstalling. Some dependencies have to be updated before others. Hypothetically this could be fixed at the package manager level. Afaik however there are no source-install via official repos, and package managers shouldn't have to know the details of a package to install by source. That's literally handled by the scripts of the package itself

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Software upgrade -- 

To be fair this is probably entirely because I'm trying to use it through the AUR. Ocaml does seem to have its own package manager, and that probably works fine. So considering, this is likely specific to *AUR* Ocaml packages, where maintainers aren't necessarily working in tandem.

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Software upgrade -- 

When your recommended upgrade path is to uninstall the package and all dependencies and reinstall, your fundamental architecture is broken.

This isn't just with major updates or breaking changes. This seems to happen with every dependency BUGFIX update.

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Software upgrade -- 

Now there are ocaml packages with exact version dependencies between AUR and official repos so it won't even let my system update wonderful

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Important ASA (Admins Service Announcement) for Mastodon and generally PostgreSQL admins: Due to some changes in glibc some distribution upgrades will cause PostgreSQL text indexes to become corrupted, potentially leading to unique indexes not being correctly enforced and inconsistent application data.


People often ask me why I'm so critical of white America.

The question that needs to be ask is why aren't we all critical of white America.

Their hate, intolerance and refusal to be reasonable has resulted in an incalculable loss of life, talent and keeps a country of virtually unlimited resources in a states of cycling economic crisis.

Public officials do this because they are allowed and encouraged to do this.

But yeah, let's keep pretending we don't know what the problem is.

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covid-19 pandemic • symptoms • advice 

It seems like a lot of people are uncertain about what symptoms coronavirus actually has, so I thought I'd share this info I found from the WHO/CDC. Especially because it's not like all the other illnesses are on vacation, and it's best not to panic if you happen to get sick.

Firstly, if you're sneezing and have a blocked nose, you do not have coronavirus. You have a cold.

Secondly, if you have a headache, fatigue, and muscular aches, it's more likely that you have flu. These are common symptoms of influenza but only sometimes present in coronavirus infections.

The symptom to watch for is shortness of breath. Only coronavirus causes this. It's a respiratory infection which can cause pneumonia. This is what makes it dangerous, so watch out for it.

Advice is to seek medical help if you have difficulty breathing or have an uncontrollably high fever.

Otherwise, stay home, keep hydrated, and get plenty of rest.

How to recognize colds vs flu vs coronavirus 

a visual aid from the #WHO on how to recognize #coronavirus #COVID19 symptoms versus symptoms from a cold or the flu

Improve your mastodon experience with this one weird trick 


The entire domain

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