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The nazi doth protest too much, methinks. Also, NICE SEALIONING BRO.

I often find, on these here Masto-places, that a good measure of a person's worth is how they respond to seeing @GinnyMcQueen 's name pop up.

(Also this person was from fosstodon which I hadn't realised was A Bad Place. I wasn't following them, but have blocked the instance now regardless because I have vague recollections of seeing other dubious content from that instance.)

Anyway, yeah, Punch Nazis Always.

It's been three years since Mouth Moods. Never forget

this podcast fucking sucks. what even is this show. “conference call?” i’m turning it off

Software upgrade -- 

Oh, not to mention half of the dependencies are now unmaintained on the AUR. Very cool

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Software upgrade -- 

Also I'd probably be an asshole and name it google-drive-rustfuse or something more assertive just to spite Ocaml and whoever thought libs compiled under a different bugfix release of the same compiler couldn't be compatible

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Software upgrade -- 

This would probably be a perfect project for Rust but I have two other personal projects I'm not working on right now :blobupsidedown:

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Software upgrade -- 

Ocaml might be the most frustrating upgrade experience I've had. One updated package with an Ocaml update means I need to recompile all of the packages

Someone please implement a FUSE adapter for Google Drive in any other language 😭

my socianxiety domain 


I didn't think Moonchild could be more wholesome, but their TDC is on another level. Deffo adding them to the "must-see-in-concert" list

PSA: holidays and families 

Hey, Sundog here to remind you that this time of year is obviously super stressful for lots of folk for lots of reasons.

If one of your reasons is because your family invokes bad feels in whole or in part, I would like you to know that families are things you make, not things forced upon you, and you get to choose your own. You don't have to feel guilty for not fitting into the one that got you first; just make sure you find the one that fits you best.

Much love to each of you, and to the families you find, form, and feed!


transphobia, instance block 

Now you wonder why am I making a thread about IT Crowd and Graham Linehan.

Well, they started an instance, called
Now the only thing I could wish more than humans being able to live without the need of a state, is for people to block the crap out of this instance.

Not going on the sliperry slope here, but if people like him start to settle down, we will have more shit neighbours further down.

First nazi, now terfs, them what?

In case you havent read the wikipedia for graham linehan, this is the guy that petitioned the UK national loterry to not fund mermakds UK, a trans youth support charity.

That is also what lead Hbomberguy to raise £270,000 for said charity doing a charity livestream.

So please repport, please block, please share amd please make this terf as unwelcomed as possible

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Why "echo chambers" isn't a valid criticism 

Any problem with some group of people who are brought together by something, some way in which they are homogenous, is therefore not the fact that they are homogenous. It's whether or not they've tricked themselves into thinking that their frame of reference is "the way things really are," that they are getting the full picture and can now forget that their bubble has limits. This is the difference between healthy self-awareness and a deadly brainworm.

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software + production bugs, more allcaps 


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software + production bugs, allcaps 


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software + production bugs 

The super strange production bugs never stop: the token for whatever reason gets rejected by the server, immediately.

If I enable it to show in the logs, it shows up. The query values make it over to the server. Just for whatever reason, it decides that the token doesn't match what's in the env vars (and it does).

Evidently this doesn't happen on dev.

Guess I'll retry with a local docker image. This is so weird.

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