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It's doing the working thing!!

First thing first I need to upload the first coverage report (!!!) and then I need to boot up a CI so I can start doing some heckin integrations

Christmas song, surrealism 

I wonder how long it would take for the frequency to step down far enough that the wavelength would be longer than the width of the universe

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Christmas song, surrealism 

Jingle Bell Rock, but "Jingle Bell" repeats descending, stepping down into the heat death of the universe

Random 3am thoughts, ao-coverage 

I suppose the simplest way to give it extensively controllable repos is to just provide an endpoint that "locks" an org/repo and assigns the token. I have a feeling that could be easy to lose, though. Also people could "reserve" repos that they don't actually own. Then it's down to the admin of the coverage server.

Maybe the token could be paired with an email address, but that would then require a dependency on an email server.

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Random 3am thoughts, ao-coverage 

So I think it's pretty much done and ready for personal use, though if I want to bring it to 1.0.0 there will have to be a lot of changes.

Hypothetically it should support extensively controllable repos. Each one would have its own token. It should also move away from handling uploaded HTML reports, since that could be abused. So it would have to provide a basic UI on top of the coverage, which gives the added benefit of being consistent.

configuring git to use bat instead of cat has been an incredibly sound decision. Look at this gorgeous diff! With method-aware context display!

Mini roadmap for ao-coverage 

0.2.0 down, just have the bash script and Dockerfile to do as well as ironing out issues and writing tests to get some good coverage (heh). I think I could do it all for 0.3.0

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So, in case people are wondering if #Funkwhale can actually federate with other fedi software such as Mastodon, the answer is yes.

I've included a demo video below. Let me give you some context:

- I'm using an account on (to show you that it works with a current release of Mastodon)
- I'm using development version of Funkwhale runing on my local computer, hence the URL.

This is basic, but it's to show you we're no t lying when we're talking about federation with other fedi software.

Follows will work as well, I'll share a video as soon as it's ready.

And the one thing we will always be consistent about is the safety of the community we are building, not the *appearance* of being DIVERSE to make all of your bigot faves feel comfortable enough to feel like their biases will fly here.

Yeah, I get that's going to offend a lot of folks and people are going to feel a way about prioritizing the needs of marginalized folks, but that's kind of the point.

If the advocacy and safety of marginalized people *offends* you, ha, we're not on the same team

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It's funny how only the people that don't care about reducing harm in online spaces are always frothing about ECHO CHAMBERS.

If keeping abusers, racists, sexists, etc in the conversation counts as *diversity* to you, then you're probably one of them, champ.

It is a very low bar to ask common respect and decency in our exchanges.

If you feel CENSORED by that, you're just an asshole.

It's not the complete answer, but a big step in the right direction is deplatforming bigots and abusers. We know this is effective in limiting their reach and the damage they can cause.

The question you have to ask is why there is so much resistance to implementing a strategy that would make everyone's day to day online experience better.

You have to ask why these places don't want to be better.

Hey @KeybaseIO what are you doing to help me prevent unwanted advances from your users on your platform? It's practically unusable.

My instance block list 

Here is the beginning of a thread that I'll update with what I have in my block list.

It basically revolve around thoses axis:
- literral Nazi
- Nazi enablers, non moderated place
- Pedos
- commercial instances and scams
- People working with/for the police
- harrasers and shitlords (and all their pet instances)

You don't have to look at my list.

You don't have to agree with my list.

You don't have to comment on why you don't like my list

You don't have to tell me why telling people I have a list is bad.

You don't don't have to, but if you do, you are helping yourself to get a nice comfy spot in my list.

(note: if your instance is on that list and you think it shouldn't, you can make a case for me taking it out. I also make mistake and sometime situations evolve over time)

Sometimes I forget how good Thundercat's Drunk is, and I get to fall in love with it all over again

Mini roadmap for ao-coverage 

0.2.0: metadata (branch commit links mainly)
0.3.0: bash script to help CI integrate seamlessly
0.4.0: Dockerfile + integrations
0.5.0->1.0.0: more metadata if need be

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Also, I just remembered that I will have to deal with integrating a new CI at the same time, since Travis evidently doesn't support any other platforms than GH.

Drone CI looks pretty nice.

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I'll probably just use MariaDB since I'm already using that for Gitea. That will require a whole database interaction and bleh

Anyways I tagged 0.1.0, maybe I can get back to this in another week - I have a lot at work to deal with.

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I just need to figure out how to persist the metadata so I can link to the trunk branch's badge. Everything else is not nearly as important for now

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This is getting so cloooose. Can't wait to get coverage working and finally move my last repository for GitHub

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