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Do you love giving away your extra money? I love staying alive and recouping and rebuilding a life stolen by Nazi scum! 🙌


mastodon is just one of many shitty federated things made by white boys who have made us spend years trying to stop their worst inclinations and ideas

trying to promote "mastodon" is pointless and unhelpful

our communities matter and can outlive shitty code, platforms, and the dictators of such nonsense

find a group of people or a project that doesn't hate women and non-white people and start building

uspol, music 


Neon Indian - Toyota Man

CDW is really good but Stone Woman is just fantastic. I think it's less accessible maybe but the writing/instrumentation/synthwork is even better. It took me a few listens to get into but at this point, I'm listening to other stuff so I can go back to listen to SW and avoid overlistening haha.

I giv magical/10

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The production on this album is so fantastic end to end. I hope she makes an LP at some point because gosh damn I can't come up with the words describe how wonderful her music is

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Stone Woman is so so great. Am currently wholly obsessed

Charlotte Day Wilson - Nothing New

hey google, what the fuck?

'When Will Someone Go to Jail?': New Report Shows Google Secretly Storing Health Data of Millions of Americans


No screen reader or braille displays, no eye tracking for the paralyzed, no information to screen magnifiers so they can move while typing, no . 100% fuck you GTK. Fuck. You.

What does this mean for disabled people? Back to Windows for you!

instance block rec 

y'all I checked it out and is just spam, crossposting, news bots, and that one real persistent racist/sexist asshole du jour, so I don't feel too bad in blocking it, and neither should you

if you wouldn't punch a fascist you can't like my cat photos that's the rule

sometimes I wish that computer science followed an apprenticeship model where a wiser mentor teaches you best practises. actually useful things like "here is how you run an open source project without being an ass" or "here is how to clean the scroll wheel of your mouse"

if you think the primary function of code is to be run by computers and not read by humans i invite you to start littering your code with dozens of useless random variables. the computer just optimizes them out anyway right?

Self-hosted code coverage tracking + integration? 

P.S. looks like codecov has the CI upload a gzipped tar of select files and presumably does calculation on the back end. The XML, which has no actual source info other than paths, is the only thing provided by the coverage tool itself

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Self-hosted code coverage tracking + integration? 

I guess I'm curious if I build this explicitly for tarpaulin how the generated output is different from kcov or gcov. There will probably need to be custom handlers for those. Tarpaulin seems to put everything in one file but I've seen others with wholely separated data and js/css.

Chances are it won't be discoverable if I have it on my Gitea instance, so I may not have to worry about adapting solutions anyways 🤹

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Self-hosted code coverage tracking + integration? 

How I feel thinking up a solution

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Self-hosted code coverage tracking + integration? 

I may end up uploading my reports from tarpaulin to an ExpressJS service and parsing the coverage % and using badgen or something like that with some route aliasing

That also sounds like a lot of work if I want it secure lol

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