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linux window manager question, boosts ok 

is there a stacking (not tiling, tiling window managers confuse us and bewilder us) window manager that we can use with XFCE, that makes it so each display/monitor has separate workspaces?

something that would let us do things like:
- only change workspaces on one monitor
- swap literally everything between two monitors at once
- cycle stuff around with convenient hotkeys but like, mouse support is also nice and good

ideally it shouldn't fuck with XFCE's existing panels or anything besides like, window decoration (but themeable stuff is a plus)

an actual goddamn gui config would be good, even if it's a separate app by someone else.

instance administration, taking a hard line against fascists 

given gab's history of hosting the most violent of the far right, including actual mass-murderers, it is our view at that blocking them individually is not a sufficient response should they choose to try to federate with the rest of the 'verse. we believe that any instance owner that would knowingly subject their users to a platform with gab's history is either negligent of their users or fascist-adjacent themselves.


On July 4th Gab is coming on to the Fediverse by switching over to Mastodon on their servers.

This means that you can shut the door on them today by preemptively have them fully suspended from your instances. So your users do not have risk getting harassed by any of their users, and they from the start be blocked off from major portions of the Fediverse.

Thank you for your consideration and :boost_ok:

Now here's a spicy take. The abundance of autism-diagnosed trans people doesn't mean you have to be afraid you're faking being trans if you're also autistic.

Correlation is not causation. Even if it were, you're still feeling these emotions, and you're ultimately the only reliable source for information on your own identity.

Rock it, and don't let gatekeepers poke holes in your sails.

the heck am I on 

They say the only thing more powerful than a podcast is a book club

Nazis, Meta 

I don't want to put this guy on blast because he actually was pretty civil, but one of the arguments I make when people are like, "You should convince Nazis to stop being Nazis" is that _they_ are free to do that. I have enough trouble with my own shit to try to fix Nazis. If you "disagree" with them then why are you arguing with me to accept them instead of arguing with *THEM* to stop being Nazis?

The response was, "I would, but I've never come across any because they're banned" and like... that was so telling. These guys (and they're usually guys, sorry) just never encounter these people THEMSELVES so they think they don't exist.

broke vs poor 

broke is temporary, poor is a life of fear

I'm getting really tired of talking to broke people who wear the badge of poverty and then take it off a month later because they got theirs

it would take hundreds of thousands of dollars for someone like me to not to be in poverty, and that's most likely never going to happen even if I somehow manage to find steady income

the poverty hole can't be filled with small amounts when you literally have nothing

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broke vs poor 

broke is having to give up buying new video games for a month, poor is skipping meals every week to afford medication

broke is waiting for your next paycheck so you don't tap into your savings, poor is not having a savings account

broke is moving in with your parents to save money, poor is not having anywhere to go

broke is borrowing cash, poor is asking for cash you can't pay back

broke is knowing you'll be okay, being poor is knowing you won't

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i know poverty is gross and a bummer and makes you all feel bad but it'd be great if you guilt didn't stop you from listening and helping people

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

Yes, bitch, all of it!

Yo, this is a completely serious comment. And this person expects me to DEBATE with them.

LOL, white people are a trip, man.

Ha, no pile ups, please. I just want people to see how even progressive white people care more about the appearance of caring about social issues rather than actually doing something about it.

Yes, it's a pattern. And mind you this is right after I comment where I talk about how I just go profiled.

@gingerrroot I can barely keep in touch with people I LIKE

why do men insist on keeping friendships with shitty people????

like you don't have to interact with them or be nice to them just bc you've known them for a long time and once were close

remove them, stop inviting them places, stop making other folks feel uncomfortable or even unsafe to be With You because you refuse to remove those people from your life

Moderation, nonsense 

> After a show of extremely unfriendly behavior from the maintainers of Funkwhale, I decided I will not be going forward with this after all, they enjoy policing language more than coding, and they require total obedience to explicitly evil code of conduct they adopted.

Looks like we won't see Funkwhale support in Nuclear :D

:funkwhale: I've started a Loomio thread for the abuse audit of the @funkwhale software. This is where we go through and try to find all the ways it can be used for evil and then all the ways we can attempt to stop or deter that behavior. We welcome the help! 🐋

wikipedia feels the need to deadname all trans people but fails to inform the public that bill wurtz's full name is William James Wurtz II

Fascists/racists and dog whistles 

My friend and his girlfriend had a very barky min-pin. They tried putting a collar on the dog that would spray citronella in her face when she barked. The dog would bark once, get sprayed, then perform a quick binary search to discover the volume threshold, after which she'd bark right under the threshold.

I'm not sure why we think fascists don't do this.

As @davatron5000 says, I don't like playing cat and mouse with my privacy. At the same time, I'd prefer to run open-source software rather than iOS. And I've used Android since the HTC Dream.

But using Android without Google apps is just *so* hard. Not only do I have to invoke weird terminal sorcery every six months, but the damn thing doesn't even work very well – I haven't had working push notifications or GPS in a year. Time to throw in the towel?

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Deadline reports that James Gunn has been rehired for GotG3, after Gunn was genuinely contrite and Disney realized that Cernovich is a fuckstick:

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