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Now here's a spicy take. The abundance of autism-diagnosed trans people doesn't mean you have to be afraid you're faking being trans if you're also autistic.

Correlation is not causation. Even if it were, you're still feeling these emotions, and you're ultimately the only reliable source for information on your own identity.

Rock it, and don't let gatekeepers poke holes in your sails.

the heck am I on 

Nazis, Meta 

broke vs poor 

broke vs poor 

i know poverty is gross and a bummer and makes you all feel bad but it'd be great if you guilt didn't stop you from listening and helping people

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

Yo, this is a completely serious comment. And this person expects me to DEBATE with them.

LOL, white people are a trip, man.

Ha, no pile ups, please. I just want people to see how even progressive white people care more about the appearance of caring about social issues rather than actually doing something about it.

Yes, it's a pattern. And mind you this is right after I comment where I talk about how I just go profiled.

@gingerrroot I can barely keep in touch with people I LIKE

why do men insist on keeping friendships with shitty people????

like you don't have to interact with them or be nice to them just bc you've known them for a long time and once were close

remove them, stop inviting them places, stop making other folks feel uncomfortable or even unsafe to be With You because you refuse to remove those people from your life

Moderation, nonsense 

:funkwhale: I've started a Loomio thread for the abuse audit of the @funkwhale software. This is where we go through and try to find all the ways it can be used for evil and then all the ways we can attempt to stop or deter that behavior. We welcome the help! 🐋

wikipedia feels the need to deadname all trans people but fails to inform the public that bill wurtz's full name is William James Wurtz II

Fascists/racists and dog whistles 

As @davatron5000 says, I don't like playing cat and mouse with my privacy. At the same time, I'd prefer to run open-source software rather than iOS. And I've used Android since the HTC Dream.

But using Android without Google apps is just *so* hard. Not only do I have to invoke weird terminal sorcery every six months, but the damn thing doesn't even work very well – I haven't had working push notifications or GPS in a year. Time to throw in the towel?

am: turns on Primal Heart

hour later: "hmm I should put on something else now"

pm: still playing Primal Heart

Why am I kinda excited for this?

Tbh, I want this to be something that within my OS; I have payment info stored and if I go into Plasma Discover, elementary's App Store or like doing a checkout on the Web, it just say "Pay" and uses _that_.

That's where the future of digital payments should have gone - my computer/device determines what works and how it works. This + allowing me to specify how to pay for things (use my BTC 🤢 or my business banking account? maybe pull from Venmo?)

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