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If super smash ultimate is so good, why haven't they made a super smash mouth yet

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Seasons Meetings 

Seasons Meetings 

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I just read this article praising mediocrity and can't agree more:

We should keep on playing and experimenting no matter the result. If we never get good at a hobby, who cares? The path is what really matters, what makes us grow, in my opinion.

hey all,

if you enjoy the #pigs i post, please considering sending donations to #PigPlacementNetwork as they're a non-profit that my farm also runs/is party of

we rescue pet pigs and adopt them back out to forever homes. sort of like old friends senior dog sanctuary, but w :pigbutt:

here is the donation link

(and here are our adoptable pigs )

they could use the help :)

Cis-Males just don't get it, Dating, Toxic Masculinity 

Got a Windows 10 HVM working in Qubes 3.2! My exported ova's still don't work though.

It seems the installation was wayy faster since it didn't have to install all the device drivers for bare metal, I guess? I'll be done setup before noon.



never be sorry for asking for help.

it is never something to apologize for.

having your needs met is important, and asking for help when you’re unable to do that alone is the best option. you should never be made to feel ashamed of that.

does the "dropping a malware flash drive in the parking lot and hoping someone plugs it in" cyberattack vector have a proper name yet? if not, i propose 

@clacke @alcinnz @Shamar @scolobb @strypey @z428 @Purism @aral @ente Allowing profitability concerns (even indirect ones) to dictate how free software gets written is how you get the Apache Foundation, or the current sorry state of Mozilla, or the deeply Google-entangled state of Chromium, or the incoherent standardization hell of the W3C. Businesses should be kept as far away from software as possible -- or at least relegated to THEIR software, where we don't need to care about it.

Microsoft Edge engineer describes how Google sabotaged Edge browser performance via constant code changes to its services.

Also remember a while back a scandal about YouTube breaking in Firefox via similar tactics. That monopoly charge can't come faster.

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