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It's interesting how one of the most 'controversial' points in the fediverse right now isn't how to make tools easier or how to better equip people to deal with harassment.

It's the point that some of our online spaces do not center the white cultural experience.

That single idea inspires so much hostility and angst from so many people.

However at the same time, it highlights why so many online spaces keep having the same issues over and over.

Ha, it's not magic.


Eugen is not a person, but a job title meaning "head developer and founder at Mastodon". This position is elected every two years, and elections are coming up soon! Consider throwing your hat in the ring

LBT: This year for #CYBREMONDAY I did an Exciting Deluxe Edition Rerelease of the original #CYBRE manifesto. In the brand‐new forward, I discuss the project, what I've witnessed in the time since the original publication, and where I think we should be setting our sights moving forward.

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duckduckgo: closed source. run by a cis person. bad name based on pitiful creature
BunBunGo: open source. hosted by a hot transbian rabbit girl. fantastic name based on incredible animal

switch today binches

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My favorite fact about Elon Musk, which I learned from a talk given by one of the Tesla founders:

Elon Musk was not there when they founded Tesla. He made an investment in Tesla later on, and one of the things he wanted in return for his investment was to get the title "Founder of Tesla". He literally bought the title.

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Discourse: Ad hominems are the worst

White people: Oh yeah? What about whataboutism

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Today is also unofficially trans day of pizza. Friends of trans people are invited to give small gifts to the living: a little money, or a lunch. Pizza was the initial thing and personally, yes I will take a pizza. But also, you know, plenty of people are lactose intolerant to varying degrees (this is also me fwiw but pizza is good.).
In conclusion, put $20 of your money where your mouth is if you’re cis and offer a trans friend lunch and a reminder of your love.

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Happy International Men's Day to trans men and non binary men

Let's reclaim masculinity

Cis men get your shit together

Check out the Men's Liberation subreddit

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"CAPITALISM IS A CANCER ON SOCIETY," I shout as I get forcibly ejected from The Free Marketplace of Ideas

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By the cybre people, For the cybre people.