Self-hosted code coverage tracking + integration? 

How I feel thinking up a solution

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It's treacherous out there this season. Don't forget your candy corn

mirror selfie 

Gotta log this bowtie mood

uspol, metatopical: pro-choice, pro-life (-) 

This is the Libertarian candidate for PA Governor. I'm pretty sure he doesn't understand abortion, adoption, giving birth... Actually he's probably never talked to a woman before. Gosh.

Even *if* there were a demand for adoptable kids, there are so many things wrong with this. Choice isn't just about raising kids.

Why are Libertarian candidates always ignorant smugmuffins

This is the band that opened for the Haken concert, Bent Knee. Each member is just ridiculous amounts of cool and y'all should check them out

cw selfie, eye contact 

I'm nicknaming today discount Friday thanks delete toot

Thank you Google for reminding me how creepy you are. It honestly moves me


Modern democracy in a nutshell: apathy


Wow, this is easier than I expected. Thanks capitalism!


Austin day 3

Feeling more lemon meringue today

KC:D sexism 


Oppressing race and gender is super hard, it deserves respect

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KC:D sexism 

So apparently attacking and going on crusades and dying is honorable, but defending your hometown is just something that happens.

Hold on, there's one better.

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