Inconsequential DG album ranking 

3. JD
4. Steroids
6. Exmilitary
7. BP
8. FW
9. GP
10. TMS
11. Interview
12. DG EP

1-4 are definitely S tier
5-6 A tier
7 B tier
8-10 C tier
11-12 D tier

Thanks for listening

Inconsequential DG album ranking 

TMS ranking so low is probably mostly due to over listening. Punk Weight is still one of my favorite DG songs. The album still doesn't sound nearly as inspired to me as any of the higher ranking stuff. Idk

Honestly I think their most pure "Death Grips" album is Steroids

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Inconsequential DG album ranking 

Wait, apparently I'm missing one??? They released a mixtape this year??? I had no idea!

Whoops. Will remedy.

Live listening to GATRO 

This is just Zach Hill on the VDrums like they did with NOTM, isn't it?

Gosh they're using a ton of FW samples

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Live listening to GATRO 

"The piece was played before Death Grips' 2015 live performances, under no specific name."

Okay it's literally Fashion Week and Jenny Death samples on Zach Hill VDrums hahaha

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