csgo major 

Of the two teams that went 3-0 in the qualifiers, one (NRG) had faced all teams that didn't qualify and the other (Renegades) faced teams that all qualified. Guess which team immediately went 0-3 in the following stage 🤔🤔🤔

I'm kinda surprised that everyone is so surprised by this since they didn't really prove themselves but it's w/e


csgo major 

Addendum: if Renegades hadn't faced Astralis (defending champion, current ranked #1 in the world) in the second stage, they would have gone 3-0. Maybe even undefeated in maps across the major to this point.

Then full irony would be achieved.

No shade to Renegades though, they've evidently put in a ton of hard work and practice and it's finally paying off

csgo major 

Apparently Renegades, from Australia, were in Poland for two or three weeks prior to the major for practice, which is abnormal. Usually teams just show up for tourneys in the days prior afaik. Seems to confirm the theory that if you travel a lot before competitive play you're going to have a bad time

Which explains why EU teams have such a hard time at tournaments in the Pacific region, and AU teams haven't made it past groups before

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