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Real programmers

Don't have computers

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We're inviting all the gamey people who want to talk about #gameing to our new community -! Game devs, streamers of all kinds, super casual, tabletop, board games - all the gameing.

Check out our Code of Conduct and fill out the form ( or if I or @maloki know you on here, just @ us for a Discord invite. ❤️

@noelle the reason is nobody starts emacs in the first place xD

I'm pretty sure I've devoted at least 90% of my listening attention to Bjork the past two months. Don't regret a thing

Incase you missed it.

Lets Encrypt wildcard support will be fully available on February 27, 2018.

PSA: Alf is now on Prime video. You're welcome

If we were to have any group of comical evil underlings with yellow bodies and blue overalls become popular, why did it have to be Minions and not Servbots?

It's also worth saying: ActivityPub wouldn't have made it to W3C Recommendation without Mastodon's community. About 8 months or so ago, I was in despair because it seemed clear that we wouldn't have enough time to wrap up the work that needed to be done in time to make it through the process before the group's charter ran out. Mastodon's interest in AP directly lead to an extension and a renew of enthusiasm.

Thank you everyone. It means a lot to me.

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It's best to try to find more people who want to work on stuff than it is to try to convince people who just came here to yell.