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Real programmers

Don't have computers

Your Animal Crossing ID is your ID in ~real~life~

the door won't open because npm is down help

Reasons why you should choose as your next instance Show more

Reasons why you should choose as your next instance Show more

me> Wow modern project OS's are so cool! An entire OS built using Rust

also me> who tf made this shit

@kjhoerr @TheGibson

I don't care how well intended it is, there's something deeply unsettling about the idea of downloading a file called day0.tar.gz

Animals As Leaders - Private Visions of the World

now I want to see them in concert again

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a lot like using Mastodon: William Shatner can't find you

I forgot about this picture so I spent like
15 minutes looking it up, it was worth it

I just realized up until this point I thought Homestuck and Undertale were the same thing

don't @ me

For reference, it's pretty easy to export a VM appliance from virtualbox:

LB: that reminds me, I still haven't federated with AS 🤔

if i ever "man's plain" any subject to you, let me know and i will delete my post and travel into the mountains for penance as the laws of honor dictate

I should really break my dependence on virtualbox. Installing from source requires both a recent SE JDK and Java 6 SE JDK. Java itself is gross, old java is eww

yeah so QEMU is nice

this is a 25+ acc ount. only allowed to follow if ur willing to accept the rsiks involved in. renting a car