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Fun fact: if you think about sleeping while multitasking, your brain can load what it feels like into your memory so you can think about sleeping while not actually doing it

It's a phenomenon called Sleptre

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Reasons why you should choose as your next instance 

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@Are0h I would love to trade block list trading cards with you Areoh lol

Just to be clear, this means that if you’re federated with, you’re federated with gab

whoever keeps raking "log off" into my zen garden, keep at it, your craft is improving

List of gab instances 

Funkwhale, security, review wanted 

The think is white folks think if they mimic the posture of diversity and inclusion it will happen on its own, which is false. It takes real work.

And you can ask any of my mods who I talk with on a regular basis, that this work will take to you some deep places personally and have you re-evaluate you own personal truths about how you view the world. Those are HARD conversations.

And white people in particular exist in a culture that violently resists personal growth at all costs.

It's inappropriate in a professional email to use casual language, e.g. city nicknames like "Philly." Use the city's full proper name: Philip, Pennsylvania

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So the other thing worth pinning to my profile is that this instance is running #Florence #ForkTogether.

You can follow the progress of this project via these accounts:


Its first pre-release (v0.0.1.0) is based on Mastodon 2.9 and makes some cool minor changes. I'm looking forward to what will come next!

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Florence feature idea: 

Now here's a spicy take. The abundance of autism-diagnosed trans people doesn't mean you have to be afraid you're faking being trans if you're also autistic.

Correlation is not causation. Even if it were, you're still feeling these emotions, and you're ultimately the only reliable source for information on your own identity.

Rock it, and don't let gatekeepers poke holes in your sails.

the heck am I on 

Nazis, Meta 

broke vs poor 

broke vs poor 

i know poverty is gross and a bummer and makes you all feel bad but it'd be great if you guilt didn't stop you from listening and helping people

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

Yo, this is a completely serious comment. And this person expects me to DEBATE with them.

LOL, white people are a trip, man.

Ha, no pile ups, please. I just want people to see how even progressive white people care more about the appearance of caring about social issues rather than actually doing something about it.

Yes, it's a pattern. And mind you this is right after I comment where I talk about how I just go profiled.

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