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Other reasons include


if you live near Philly I'll buy you lunch

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There is a strong likelihood that the May playlist will just end up being Boy Pablo on shuffle. Love this guy's voice, and the music is all easy and simply wonderful. All what I need right now

If I were gourdzilla or mothma or one of those guys I would probably just die to a light wind

counterpoint: it is now the year 2021. if folk were going to develop any infosec hygiene regarding the web browsers they'd have done it by now.

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chillwave is the shoegaze of bubblegum djent-synthpop

Why my moods always like "let's listen to progressive metal and read gay romance novels"

Before you listen to any Kero Kero Bonito song you have to listen to the Bonito Jingle. It's just the law

Mozilla calls Medium a friend in their anti-establishment [1], and I’m reminded how Medium’s first party tracking is extremely user hostile [2].

“If you have uBlock or similar, it appears medium logs all analytics pings into HTML5 LocalStorage and will keep retrying to send them (and apparently periodically change domains and subdomains to try and send them). I had tens of thousands of entries in localStorage.”




Quarantine concerts 

Just finding Kero Kero Bonito and I'm sad I didn't find them sooner. This is PRECIOUS

I really can't tell if "KNOWER RULEZ" was meant to sound as much like "NO MORE RULES" as it does

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Knower's album LIFE is the single greatest piece of anarchist propaganda ever

have you heard about Lakay Nou, the philadelphia autonomous zone led by Black philadelphians who are houseless?

the name roughly translates to "our home" in creole

for updates and donation needs follow @ lakaynou1 on twitter

"Geek culture isn’t suddenly left wing... it always was. You just grew up to be intolerant. You became the villain in the stories you used to love ..."


Leave it to Astralis to speedrun a bo5 grand final

name a better duo 

this and that

Software upgrade -- 

This seems especially apparent when trying to fix these dependency issues without uninstalling. Some dependencies have to be updated before others. Hypothetically this could be fixed at the package manager level. Afaik however there are no source-install via official repos, and package managers shouldn't have to know the details of a package to install by source. That's literally handled by the scripts of the package itself

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Software upgrade -- 

To be fair this is probably entirely because I'm trying to use it through the AUR. Ocaml does seem to have its own package manager, and that probably works fine. So considering, this is likely specific to *AUR* Ocaml packages, where maintainers aren't necessarily working in tandem.

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