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Real programmers

Don't have computers

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I have had this very conversation myself, many times.

It's remarkably similar to talking to economists about growth and thermodynamics.

I had a conversation with a bridge engineer one evening not long ago. I said, “Bridges, they are nice, and vital, but they fall down a lot.”

He looked at me with a well-worn frustration and replied, “Falling down is what bridges do. It’s the fate of all bridges to fall down, if you don’t understand that, you don’t understand bridges.”

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i have nostalgia for computers just failing to recognize your shit and i think it's because i hate how meaninglessly effortless everything has become

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Wow, Prisoner of Azkaban to Goblet of Fire is a huge jump in maturity of filmography and writing

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Non tech literate: "This computer is possessed! It's just doing whatever it wants to do! Clearly it's the computer's fault!"
entry level techie: "lol PEBCAK"(Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard)
V. computer literate: "Look uh, okay, so, I mean I can see why you'd think that but computers only can do what they're told to. Literally nothing else, but this IS a random bug, here's a fix."
Coder/developer: "Call a goddamn exorcist this POS computer is clearly possessed!"

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can we ACTUALLY talk about how Rogue One sets up a canon that conflicts with Dark Forces

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New features offered in phones:
- Facial recognition
- Curved screens
- More glass
- Voice assistants

Features we actually want:
- Autocorrect with profanity
- A kickstand for watching videos
- Dialing an actual number without 50 extra touches and swipes
- Security features that don't ignore the plight of minorities any people of color

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"i look forward to a gattaca future"

did you

did you actually watch the movie

How to confuse developers:


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Awful JS lesson of the day:

When treated the same, Array.slice and Array.splice have the exact opposite functionality.


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Tech writer: mastodon will never kill twitter

Mastodon users: meh, that's okay, all I ever really wanted was a place where I wouldn't be relentlessly attacked by nazis, ads or nazi ads

Tech writer: and therefore Mastodon sucks and is doomed to perpetual failure

Mastodon users: maybe you want to double-check your metrics of success, bud

Tech writer: dooooooooooooooooomed!

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somehow i knew that when i started an instance it would eventually end up as just a pile of ridiculous css garbage aesthetic and look where we are

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Brian Will talks about a hypothetical mono-user OS and @djsundog Has mentioned how multi-user OSes don't really match current trends.

Are there any projects that have made good headway in this direction?

I've seen various Linux distros that try to be smaller and cleaner by rethinking init, package management, static vs. dynamic linking and more. Void, Stali, Sabotage and Morpheus come to mind.

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@GinnyMcQueen WTF? That's one of the most pro-capitalist things I've ever read. The criticism "lazy" is a capitalist construct designed to shun people who don't allow themselves to be exploited by the capitalist class. And shaming someone for being unable to pay **rent** is anti-capitalist now? SMH. No wonder they didn't quote the tweet they were defending.