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Real programmers

Don't have computers

ginny is still in need of support for things like: food 🍎, bills 💸, & medication :inhaler:

check out her patreon for things she's currently working on, & give a small monthly pledge if you can:

she also has a shop you can get cute anti-facist catwear & cool coffee mugs:

ginny is a very great human, & also a very great resource to any social media site given her expertise in online harassment.

please support &/or boost!

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My experience with men in FOSS is the same as my experience with men in games, comics, TV, film, web content, craft beer, and photography.

It's all the same entitled, hostile shit that has a built-in system to make sure everyone else is kept on the fringe.

Stop trying to reason with the unreasonable.

you can not reverse-oppress someone

oppression is not a game of Uno

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Hello Mrs emac can you help me with my coding program

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@kjhoerr and in honour of May MH Month, meet the FIRST instance for Mental Health! Omg this is gonna look like spam/advertising I’m so sorry but I’m Emeh, an admin of
If you’re suffering with a mental illness, need to vent, want someone who understand you, or you want to help others, then is the place for you!
Feel free to ask me any questions!! :)

The small but crucial detail is that I'm the only fulltime developer on the project. Oops :(

I'm becoming the developer that sneaks in at night and adds unit tests to the project

I know a few of you will like this PR

> Filter out blocked/muted people from profile timelines

So, since I lost the job with Mastodon a lot earlier than I expected, we wont really have any money over the summer (as this one month just covers the lack of student loan for this month(You get a lot less in May)).

If you appreciate the work I've been doing for Mastodon, even though I'm not hired anymore, and want to help us eat over the summer, any pledge on patreon or liberapay are very welcome!

#TipYourFriends #Patreon #liberapay

if musks idea is implemented i’m gonna rate reductress and onion article high in truth/accuracy

all i wanna do is D'OH D'OH D'OH D'OH and YEAH BABY and take your money
dgmmm dfdf dgmmm ou-a-a-a-a doo doo doo doo wsh wsh wsh