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Reasons why you should choose as your next instance 

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It's been three years since Mouth Moods. Never forget

this podcast fucking sucks. what even is this show. “conference call?” i’m turning it off

Software upgrade -- 

Software upgrade -- 

Software upgrade -- 

Software upgrade -- 

my socianxiety domain 

I didn't think Moonchild could be more wholesome, but their TDC is on another level. Deffo adding them to the "must-see-in-concert" list

PSA: holidays and families 

transphobia, instance block 

Why "echo chambers" isn't a valid criticism 

software + production bugs, more allcaps 

software + production bugs, allcaps 

software + production bugs

It's doing the working thing!!

First thing first I need to upload the first coverage report (!!!) and then I need to boot up a CI so I can start doing some heckin integrations

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