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Reasons why you should choose as your next instance Show more

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Reasons why you should choose as your next instance Show more

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Real programmers

Don't have computers


in tmux you can "zoom" in a pane with <prefix> z

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RT Terms of Service; Didn't Read: a browser add-on that warns you about the terrible fine-print you're about to "agree" to

Well done ProtonMail #phishing at hxxps://adrninistrator[.]site/ikman/vv/
Email is mocking a ProtonMail error message (same red color when decryption can't work #cf9696) cc @protonmail

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I'd just like to point out that the instance finder on JoinMastodon was limited some time ago and only displays 60 instances in total. So I guess enabling showing closed/"club" instances would be irrelevant.

Something something server load, but neither case is even close to ideal.

The amount of time to experience buyers remorse is shrinking rapidly. I don't even have to go to sleep before I can get stuff delivered now

send help

I just discovered I can get next day / same day shipping through Amazon Prime and it's probably the worst thing that's happened to my budget since I moved

Say what you will about TLJ, but the soundtrack is on point 👌

RT an amazing directory: /proc

Disruption of routine or changing of familiar spaces can be really hard for some people. I hope y'all are able to take some time for yourself and rest today if you need it. ❤️

I've been seeing more and more smaller instances pop up and that is GOOD. Remember if you want to run an instance but don't have the tech skills for it, @hugo can hook you up.

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