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Fun fact: if you think about sleeping while multitasking, your brain can load what it feels like into your memory so you can think about sleeping while not actually doing it

It's a phenomenon called Sleptre

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Real programmers

Don't have computers

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"Socialist Mennonite" certainly sounds like an oxymoron

Wish I still lived in Lancaster so I could vote for her

You: "What do you mean open source software reeks of elitism and toxicity?"

Arch Linux:

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Rental scams like this are a by-product of the rampant gentrification in Philadelphia. As white techies move in and drive up property values, it creates a housing crisis that puts working-class families of color out of their homes and their desperation and vulnerability are preyed upon by greedy entrepreneurs looking to make a quick buck in this fucked up economic system.

No individual can change the system, but *you* can make a massive difference in the lives of these families

today is official ${/*Alex make this change whenever I send an email*/ week

Nginx off-by-slash vulnerability, cool trick presented by @orange_8361 at #hacklu

Spotify had a big ass breach. This morning? Log in, force a log out of all locations, and reset your passwords.

At least 4,000 accounts affected with passwords exposed in plain text.

Boost for visibility.

Now how am I supposed to watch Lindsay Ellis videos

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Take responsibility for the capitalist, white supremacist brainwashing you should be unlearning.

Your first thought is what you've been programmed to think. Your second thought defines who you are by what you do with that first thought.

You've been conditioned your whole life to hurt people. You have to stop doing that and the only way is through being self-aware and constantly working at it. You can't excuse it away or say you don't know better. You do know better. Now do better.

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Anyone good with labor laws and anti-discrimination laws in pennsylvania?

Company is enacting a new policy that could lead to me being very easily doxxed by clients and have my deadname found out. Training instructor outright threatened me with "find a new job if you dont like it" and told me that there would be retaliation if I filed a formal complaint.

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